How to make a successful business online!

Hello and welcome to this website, my name is Guillermo and I made this website to help you build a business online with the most effective method that exists, where everyone can succeed.

For some time I was looking for a way to have my own business online and make a living from it, in that search I was victim of scams, business models that only make you lose time, like surveys, PTC (paid to click), doing small tasks, etc. 

The truth is that with none of these models combined you will be able to do a living from. Not all of them are scams, actually some of them pay, but you’ll never make enough money to live from them. They might help you earn a few extra bucks a month, but after finding the method I’m going to explain here, I think they are all a lose of time. 

I rather spend that time building and improving my business that will pay off much more with the time. Those other methods I mentioned above just became defocussing agents.

So, what is that business that can work for everyone?

I'm Talking about Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. (Wikipedia)

In Others words Affiliate Marketing is promoting products from others and when they sell through your promotion you get a commission. Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest and flexible way to make a business and work from home online.

Affiliate marketing have the highest success rate of all methods of making a business online and living from it.

Here are 8 reasons why I love Affiliate Marketing

  1. You decide your own working hours. 

  2. You can live anywhere in the world as long as you can have electricity, a computer and internet. 

  3. You can earn and grow as much as you want. 

  4. You can work in what you like. Your work can feel like a hobby. 

  5. Internet it’s been growing for years, and still have a lot of place to grow. 

  6. You can reach millions of people with your business. 

  7. Can become a passive income with the time. Whatever you do online it will stay there for as long as you want. 

  8. Can be mixed with other business models.

But, I don't know anything about Affiliate Marketing!

Me neither, after trying several methods, methods with big promises but that at the end didn’t work. I came across with affiliate marketing and found the best and most complete platform to become an affiliate marketer using my passions.

Wealthy Affiliate is this platform. Is the to-go place to be trained and get your business started.

It is the most complete platform to build a business online and work from home from beginning to end. Inside you will find all the training and tools that you’ll need plus a great community of entrepreneurs which are of great help.

What makes Wealthy Affiliates the best place to start my business online?

1- Full training from beginner to expert.

As I told you before, I didn’t knew anything about affiliate marketing, but the great training they have will teach you everything you need to know. The training is very easy to follow and the best thing is that, is a hands on training. Meaning you do as you get trained. When you finish your training you’ll have an online bussiness running.

I’m an average person, I’m not a genius or anyone with a special education or something. Everything I knew I learned within Wealthy Affiliate. The training will help you make money from your passion.

2- Full set of easy to use tools.

Another great thing is that they provide you with a full set of easy to use tools to build your business, from the websites, security, plugins and everything you’ll ever need to be successful online. This mean that you won’t need to be here and there.

3- Great Community.

One of the best things and that makes Wealthy Affiliate different is the community of people helping each other. So you can ask questions, ask for help of any kind for your business. The community is active 24/7. And at some point you will also help others build a successful business online. 

4- It's Free to start.

Yes it is. One characteristic of most scam programs online is that they will ask you for money to get started. And this is exactly one characteristic of Wealthy Affiliate that I loved. You can start your business for free, you can build 2 free website, take the first 10 lessons and ask questions and learn from the community. This gives you the opportunity to try it out without spending a single penny.

Don't hesitate any more and start your journey for success today for free!

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